Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Vehicles Graphics & Lettering in Southern Maryland

The Southern Maryland region consists of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties. These counties are looked at as part of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Each of these counties has its own unique culture and a large population that may have a need for custom signs. These counties’ residential and commercial properties may need new signs, and that is where Cove Signs comes into the picture.

One of these options that you may be mulling over is vehicle graphics and lettering. If you or your business is in need of a way to have mobile marketing, then we would love for you to let us help you with the project. Our team is stacked with passionate and experienced artists that are ready for whatever you have in mind.

Why Choose Us?

No matter if you’re looking for a decal or a magnetic or lettering, our team is ready to deliver a top-notch customer experience with one-of-a-kind graphics. The Cove Signs team strives to maintain its mission statement at all costs, and that is what gives us the confidence in making these claims and why we feel you should give us a call.

The artists that make up our team have over a quarter of a century of experience cumulatively. This comprehensive knowledge base makes our services versatile. Our team also uses this experience to consult with you and give you ideas on what might work best with your business needs. Furthermore, our team loves challenges and works on projects big and small, whether residential or commercial.

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Vinyl Vehicle, Wrap, Graphics & Lettering

Colorful and impactful vehicle graphics and lettering can make your company vehicles or even your personal ride stand out in the crowd. For those businesses looking to make it, your business should be in front of the masses every day, making this a great option. From trucks to cars, we can create custom signs in many different ways.

Here are some of the services that our team can use to create your custom vehicle graphics or lettering:

Fleet Wraps (Full & Partial) – This type of vehicle graphics is a large vinyl or decal that can be applied to change your car’s look. It can also be used on a fleet of cars, trucks, and/or vans that will build your company’s recognition. This type of graphic is easy to switch out.

Decals & Lettering – Decals and lettering are another way to go. Though wraps are a type of decal, you can opt for a smaller version or even simple lettering on your vehicle. Lettering can be placed on the body of your car or even on your rear window for better visibility.

Magnetic Signs – If you’re looking for more budget-friendly vehicle graphics, then a simple magnetic sign might be a good choice. This is a vinyl that attaches to your car with a magnet. They are easy to remove and place, which means they can go on any car, truck, or van.

Window Perforation – One of the classic ways to have mobile marketing is window perforation. This is a film that is created with your information or logo. In essence, this is simply a window wrap.

These are just some of the ways that you can invest in custom signs when it comes to vehicle graphics. Our team is able to help you with any work that you need to be done on your vehicles. Let us help you by creating high-quality and unique signs for all your business or personal projects. We guarantee a world-class customer service experience.

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Areas We Serve

With a wide range of artists with a vast amount of skills, Cove Signs looks to serve the Southern Maryland region. Our artists are devoted and passionate about their craft, and this results in high-class signs that can be curated to meet all your needs. The 25 plus years of experience will be used to deliver unique signs for both residential and commercial properties.

If you are looking for ideas for some quality vehicle graphics or lettering and are in this area, please reach out to us and let us use this experience to deliver what you need.

The Southern Maryland regions we service includes the following counties:

St. Mary’s County, Maryland

The second-largest county in the southern Maryland region is St. Mary’s County. This county is bordered by both the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River. It is a stunning area full of great cities and wonderful people. The cities within the county are full of businesses and picturesque residential areas. If you are in this area and need help with custom vehicle graphics and lettering, then our team is here to assist you.

Charles County, Maryland

Charles County is part of the southern region of Maryland and lies in the center of the state itself. The county earned its name from Charles Calvert and has been a county for several centuries. Because of this, it is rich in history and culture as well as has a large population. Those that live in this area and are looking for mobile marketing can reach out to our team of passionate artists.

Calvert County, Maryland

Of the counties we service, Calvert County is the smallest of them. Taking a drive out of Washington, D.C., it doesn’t take long to find your way to this unique and beautiful county. Prince Frederick is the county seat, and the county itself is bordered by Chesapeake Bay. No matter where you are in this lovely county, our team of signage experts can help you create some fantastic vehicle graphics or lettering.

The vehicle graphics and lettering services we talked about above are just some of the services we offer to individuals and businesses in the Southern Maryland region. If you live in any of the above areas, let our team of experienced artists help you with any of these needs or any of the following services as well:

  • Yard signs
  • Glass lettering
  • Wood signs
  • Banners
  • Much more!

Just fill out the form or give us a call and let us help you with all of your custom sign needs.